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The 1971 AL Cy Young Award went to Vida Blue of the Oakland Athletics. The left-handed pitcher also won the MVP that year. Only one other starting pitcher, Roger Clemens in 1986, has since won both awards in the same year.

Blue was born and raised in Mansfield, Louisiana. He was the oldest of six children and his father worked as a laborer in an iron foundry. Blue played quarterback for the football team and pitcher for the baseball team. He excelled at both sports and earned several offers to play college football. Shortly after the sudden death of his father, though, he decided to play baseball and signed a contract with the Oakland A's.

The A's called Blue up in 1970 after he had spent a year in the minor leagues with the Iowa Oaks of the American Association. In dewacash just two starts, he gave A's fans a lot to be excited about in the coming seasons. He shut out the Kansas City Royals 3-0 in his first start, giving up only one hit. He no-hit the Minnesota Twins ten days later in a 6-0 home victory. He narrowly missed a perfect game, with the lone baserunner being Harmon Killebrew who walked in the fourth inning.

The 1971 season would be Blue's first full major league season and he picked up right where he left off. He ended up with a 24-8 record and he led the AL in several areas: complete games (24), shutouts (8), and ERA (1.82). For his accomplishments, he won both the AL Cy Young and the MVP Award and started in the 1971 All-Star Game. He was the youngest AL player in the 20th century to win an MVP Award.

Blue's individual success in 1971 translated to team success. The A's won the AL West title for the franchise's first postseason berth since the 1931 World Series when they were the Philadelphia Athletics. They would eventually lose to the Baltimore Orioles who would subsequently lose to the Roberto Clemente-led Pittsburgh Pirates in the World Series.

After losing in the playoffs in 1971, Blue and the A's weren't done yet. They would go on to win the next three straight World Series titles from 1972 to 1974 and four straight AL West pennants. Blue won 20 games in 1973, 17 games in 1974, and 22 games in 1975.

Oakland's heyday would come to an end, however, with baseball's new free agency. Almost all of their best players from the championship teams left or were traded off by owner Charlie Finley. In 1977, Blue remained with the A's to help mentor a team mainly made up of rookies and young players. He left Oakland in 1978 when he was traded to another Bay Area team, the San Francisco Giants.

In his first season with his new team, Blue was dominant. He won 18 games and won the Sporting News NL Pitcher of the Year. He also started for the NL in the All-Star game that season.

Blue stayed with San Francisco until 1982. From 1982 to 1983, he played for the Kansas City Royals. He returned to the Giants in 1985 and stayed there until his retirement in 1986.

Blue still lives in San Francisco. He works for many charitable causes and promotes baseball in the inner city.

It seems difficult to decide on a certain sportsbook when so many offer bets for various sports. Players can bet money if their favourite sports are football and soccer, basketball, horse racing, hockey and baseball, golf, boxing and others. When a person is sure that one team is going to win, then he can place a bet. On the condition that the team really wins, then the bettor can enjoy the reward, which comes in the form of money. If on the contrary, his favourite team loses the match, then the money stays with the bookies.

So the time has come that you finally decided to make the big step. For most of the people, betting begins out of curiosity. So what if you tried online free bets first and see how it all turns out?

On the Internet there are quite a lot of sportsbooks and all of them look attractive. This might be a source of confusion for beginners, so we are here to help clear things up. As with other fields, sportsbooks can be either trustworthy or look suspicious and bring doubts. Even though it is just a game in the end, you need to trust the bookies because they take your money and your time. Looking quickly, the majority of the sportsbooks look quite the same. However, analyzing them in detail will reveal certain features which it's better to keep in mind. Here are some precious criteria which you need to consider if you want to break the ice.

Choose a reputable bookie

This is one of the most significant factors when picking a bookie. It is similar to when you want to put some savings aside and you have to choose a bank. The first thing you will do in both of the cases is you will pick up a company with a long-established reputation. If these companies provide appropriate technical support and help the players every time there appears to be trouble, then this is the perfect bookie. You can go on hunting information about them on forums and different review sites as well.

Dig and find out about free bets

A big part of the online bettors for the first time choose their bookie by looking at the incentives offered for signing-up. If you spend enough time to try and understand what is behind those incentives, you will make yourself a great service. There are a lot who use attractive language and enticing presentations in order to lure people to join. In fact, some of these incentives aren't as good as they seem and some free bets offerings will ask people to deposit money or to wager certain sums.

What are the options for money deposits and withdrawals

It's recommendable to be extremely vigilant with the possibilities for making deposits as well as withdrawals. In order to avoid confusions and delays in your operations, check and see if you can conduct withdrawals and deposits with the types of cards you own.

Choose the highest odds

Anyone with a longor medium experience in online betting will tell you that the most profitable are the bookies which offer the highest odds. These are companies which have already created a reputation and can sustain these types of offerings. The best kind of advice that we can give is to find a few of this category and get a profit by playing with all of them at the same time.

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